What's next? Igniting the heart. Inspiring the mind. Illuminating the spirit.
Strategic Plan Video Preview

"Let's Ignite Change."

Father Donohue began every “What’s Next” presentation by telling part of his story.

In 1970, I boarded my first plane ride and left Detroit, Michigan to come to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had decided as a senior in high school that I would enter the Augustinian order, an order I had never met. I saw them in a local Catholic newspaper ad and unbeknownst to me, I decided to come to Villanova University… I stepped off that train and my life has never been the same since. That’s my story.

He shared this story of how Villanova changed his life at each of the 30 stops he’s made during the past year to bring the Strategic Plan on the road. Now he wants to hear from you.

Speak your stories to people and allow them to hear how Villanova has changed you in some way or another. If each of us looks into our hearts, into our minds, and into our spirits, we will find that some portion of what we’ve accomplished, whether big or small, has had something to do with Villanova University.

Visit Ignite Change. Go Nova. and tell us your story, or let us know about other members of the Villanova community who ignite change, creating a positive impact everywhere life takes them. We want to show what about Villanova creates this experience, this atmosphere, this community that calls people to ignite change.

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