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What's Next at Vilanova

Villanova President Rev. Peter Donohue, OSA, PhD, '75 A&S, has traveled to over 30 cities across the United States and beyond to share The Villanova University Strategic Plan, and "What's Next" for the University. Launched in October 2010, the program continues to further strengthen our tradition of excellence and ensure that Villanova thrives for years to come.


"Let's Ignite Change."

Father Peter Donohue presents his vision for Villanova University’s future.

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We can do more

Your gift will help have an immediate impact on the educational experience of all Villanova students and allow the University to continue to encourage them to explore their potential and ignite change in the world. We are a positive force for improving the world. Tomorrow’s Nova Nation needs you today!


Ignite Change. Go Nova.

What is it about Villanova that creates this experience, this atmosphere, this community that calls people to ignite change? Perhaps it’s a mentor, a classmate, a class project, a student organization or a Villanova tradition. Thousands of Villanovans make a different in the world each and every day. So our question to you, Wildcats, is this: What Ignites Change?

Villanova's Strategic Plan

Guiding the work of Villanova’s students, alumni, and friends through the next decade.

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